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DS-61C Digital Signage Kit

Host PC Nano-6100D: Intel® Core™ i3 with Intel® HD Graphics 520 Player Z83-4D: Intel® Atom Z8300 4Core, HDMI+DP Bundled with Digital Signage Software


Dual Core 2.58GHz Celeron, 7th Gen HD Graphics, mSATA MiniPCIe, S/PDIF, COM, HDMI+VGA,2GB DDR3,64GB SSD

J1800E / J1900E

Intel® Celeron™ J1800/J1900 Bay Trail HDMI+VGA, Mini PCIe+PCIe Slot


Quad Core 2.41GHz Celeron®, 7th Gen HD Graphics  mSATA, MiniPCIe, S/PDIF, COM, HDMI+VGA


Quad Core Celeron® 2.42Hz 7th Gen HD Graphics mSATA + Mini PCIe +PCIe x1, 2 COM, HDMI + VGA, 3G SIM


Quad Core Intel® Celeron® J1900 2.42GHz HDMI+VGA, PCIe x1+mSATA + Mini PCIe, 5COM


Intel® Celeron™ J1900, 1 DVI+1 VGA, COM, 1 SATA, 1 mSATA, PCIe x1


Quad Core Celeron® 2.42Hz 7th Gen HD Graphics mSATA+2Mini PCIe+PCIe x4, 6 COM, HDMI + VGA, 3G SIM


Intel® Celeron™ J1900, 2 HDMI+1 VGAH, COM, 2 SATA, 1 mSATA, PCIe x 1


Quad Core Celeron® 2.42Hz, 7th Gen HD Graphics, 2 LAN, 6COM, mSATA + Mini PCIe + PCIe x1, HDMI + VGA


Intel® 4 Core Celeron® with 2 LAN, 6COM DVI+VGA 7th Gen Graphics, mSATA, DC-in


Intel® 4-Core Celeron® 2 LAN, 5COM HDMI+VGA,, mSATA+PCIe x1 Slot

J1900L4 Fanless

Quad Core Bay Trail with 4 LAN for Network Appliance


Quad Core CPU with 6 LAN for Network Appliance