Linux PC for IoT / Linux Mini PCs

The explosive development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the convergence of information (IT) and operational technologies (OT) are driving a strong demand for miniature, inexpensive and reliable local computers equipped with a large number of I / O ports. Polywell Computers products are ideal for meeting these requirements.

NUC-N6000DN4500Jasper Lake0 DDR4SO11th Gen. UHD 1 Realtek\RTL8111H12 R2 F1 DP+1 HDMIMiniPCIe1FCM119B
Nano-N6000Z11th Gen CeleronJasper Lake 1 DDR4SOIntel UHDLan + WiFi 6/BT 4.212 R2 R + 2 FHDMI + DP + VGAHD
Nano-N6000L2C2Jasper Lake Celeron N5105DDR4UHD 6001 M.2 2280Mini PCIe 2 R4 FHDMI + VGA + COM
Nano-N7000L412th Gen Alder Lake-NIntel® Alder Lake-N1 DDR4 Intel® UHD 4 Intel® RJ45 2.5G1 HDMI+1 DP1 SIM, 1 Type-C port
Nano-J4125L4 J4125 Gemini Lake Platform SOC1 DDR3L SO-DIMMIntel® UHD Graphics 4 LAN1 HDMI+ 1 VGA1 x SIM 3G/4G
Nano-U11Bi7-1185G7 Tiger Lake-u 2 DDR4SOIntel UHD LAN + WiFi/BT + 5G/4G-LTE 1 M.2 22802F4(3.1)R2HDMI + DP+Thunderbolt4CJC6811A
NUC-U12P12th Gen Core i7/i5/i3 Alder Lake-u 2 DDR4SO Intel Iris Xe/UHD 12th Gen. LAN (Option 2.5GbE) + WiFi 6/BT 5.0 12 R + 2 FHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4 + 2 Thunderbolt 4 HD Audio
Nano-U8MX250i7-10510uComet Lake-u/Whiskey Lake-u Platform (SOC)2 DDR4SOIntel UHD, Nvidia MX2501 Realtek® RTL811112 F2 RM.2-2280+M.2-2230Intel® HD
Nano-8000FL2Ci7-8550uSkylake-uKaby Lake-u/-r1 DDR4SOIntel UHD 620 Intel HD 6101 Realtek+option:1 Realtek11option 2 R+2 H2 F + 2 R1 HDMI+1 VGA\DPGPIO5.1 HDMI
OPS-H510/Q57010/11th Socket 1200H510 Q5702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 7501 Intel\I219LM2-83 F+2 R1 F+1 R1 HDMI2.0/F+1 HDMI/R+1 DP/FTPM5.1 ALC662
H410AL210th Socket 1200H4102 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6302 Realtek\RT8111H12R2R+2F1 HDMI+1DP/VGAOption: LPT/S5.1 ALC662
H610AL2 12th Gen Socket-S series H610 2 DDR4 SODIMMUHD2 LAN+WiFi/BT+5G/4GNVMe/SSD/2.5"SATA SSD/HD2 R2 F2 HDMI, DP2 COM7.1 ALC897
H310CAL26/7/8/9th Socket 1151H310C2 DDR4SOIntel UHD2 Realtek\RTL8111H12 R2 R+2 F1 DP+1 HDMILPT/S5.1 ALC662
Nano-8000Ai5-8250uSkylake-u Kaby Lake-u/-r1 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6201 Realtek + WiFi+BT112 R2 F1 HDMI+1 Type-C/F5.1 HDMI