(1.1) OEM Production's warranty policy is designed to assure our customers that their Systems will be supported, in spite of the accelerating pace of improvements in computer components that leaves many components with a lifecycle of one year or less.

(1.2) OEM Production will repair systems at OEM Production's facilities without labor charge (except for repairs that must be performed at the Original Equipment Manufacturer's facility, e.g., Hard Drive, SSD, Graphics Adapter, Memory, etc), for one to five years from date of purchase depending on the original purchase agreement stated on the quote or invoice. OEM Production warranties all products purchased for one year from date of purchase, supplemented by Limited Manufacturers' extended Two to Five year Warrantees, where were stated on the quote or invoice of the purchase.

(2.1) During the first thirty days after purchase, OEM Production will replace defective parts in advance of its return. After thirty days and up to one year, OEM Production will, at its discretion and upon receipt of the failed component, either replace the part if it is available commercially or in stock (either new or refurbished), or refer it to the original manufacturer for replacement or repair. If repair or replacement is unavailable, OEM Production may substitute a new or factory-refurbished part of similar or better functionality and quality for the defective part under warranty; these parts will be covered for the remaining portion of the original warranty.

(2.2) An enhanced warranty that provides advance parts replacement may be available at time of purchase. Please contact your account manager for options and details.

(2.3) In no event will OEM Production be responsible for loss of data, user time, loss of profits or misuse of any nature. The user shall exercise reasonable prudence in maintaining backups and an appropriate system operating environment.

User may download drivers from the chip manufacturer websites. Following are links for the popular chipset drivers.

SSD Firmware 


(3.1) The recipient shall inspect all packaging for any apparent damage upon receipt. If there is any visible damage to the shipping container, the shipment may be rejected or the delivery person may be asked to confirm the signs of visible damage in writing.


In the event the system has been damaged by improper handling, the recipient, if retaining possession should file a claim with the carrier. OEM Production will assist in completing the claims process.
The recipient should do the following:
- Contact the carrier (UPS 1-800-742-5877; Fedex 1-800-463-3339; DHL 1-800-225-5345) and explain the situation. You may want to take photos of the damaged box and/or contents. It may come in handy and expedite the process.
- Call OEM Production at 1-650-871-3930. YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN 5 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE SYSTEM. OEM Production will arrange for a replacement unit.

(3.2) Every product is fully burn-in and tested. The customer shall review the packing slip or the invoice. Any discrepancy between the packing slip or invoice report and the product received must be reported to OEM Production within 5 DAYS of receipt of the product(s).

(3.3) In the event that the system is not functional, but otherwise apparently undamaged physically upon arrival (components may become dislodged during shipping), the recipient should, if necessary, do the following with the assistance of Technical Support: remove the case cover, reseat all cable connections, modular component (if any), memory, and storage (SSD) or replace another power adapter if it's DC powered device.

(3.4) Recipient shall not install any additional hardware or software before verifying the operating condition of all system features, such as USB drvices. All installed parts have been configured and activated; e.g., sound will be heard as Windows or Linux or Android OS is booted up. One exception is that a Plug-and-Play monitor may need to be automatically identified upon initial startup: this is normal. Customer shall test the network (LAN or WiFi) to browse Internet as basic test to verify the product is working. 

(3.5) It is the user responsibility to keep records of all software product Activation Keys and/or software Serial Numbers. OEM Production is not responsible for lost keys or codes.

Please provide the product serial No. (label on the bottom or the back of the product) when you are calling for tech support at +1.650.871.3930 9:00am to 5:00pm M-F PST or email to