PolyRaxx 2200BL

2U 2220BW ShortRack 2X5.25+2X3.5" Patented Aluminum Front Panel with Locks
Featured Highlights
Standard: 2x5.25" 2x3.5"
  Optional Hot-Swappable 5.25 tray
  Optional Slim CD/ floppy combo
Front Access USB2.0 x2
80mm x3 cooling fan
Support Extend-ATX Motherboard
Removable Air Filter
Power and HDD LED
Power and Alarm Reset Switch
I/O shield
32bit PCI riser card x3 / Optional PCI x2 + AGP 4x x1
19 x 3.5 x 27.1 inch
Standard: Black
SKU: PolyRaxx2200BL