PolyRaxx 2220BW

2U 2220BW ShortRack 2X5.25+2X3.5" Patented Aluminum Front Panel with Locks
Featured Highlights
Standard: 2x5.25" 2x3.5"
  Optional Hot-Swappable 5.25 tray
  Optional Slim CD/ floppy combo
ATX (12"x9.6")
LEDs for Power ON/OFF, HDD, Fan & Alarm
Power ON/OFF, System & Alarm Reset
80mm x1 cooling fan
Removable & Washable
Standard: 3xPCI 32bit
  Optional: 1xAGP, 2xPCI
19.0"W x 20.8"D x 3.5"H
Aluminum alloy,SECC Zinc-Coated Steel,1.2mm SECC Zinc-Coated Steel ( Japan Made )
Standard: Black, Red, Blue, Silver, and Gold (Custom Available)
Standard: Black
Front USB 2.0 x 2 Connector
400W or 2x400W Hot Swap Redundant P/S
SKU: PolyRaxx2220BW