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Digital Whiteboard for Teaching/Conferencing  65 inch AIO TouchScreen with Android and Windows built-in

Featured Highlights

Whiteboard all-in-one touchscreen design
Supports 6-point touch in both Windows and Android
Erase contents directly with fist - or use the eraser icon
Switch between Windows and Android with one key
Can interact with tablet PC or mobile phone
Operate the TV with touch
Annotation feature
Shortcut key on both sides of the touch screen
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Product specifications
Screen Parameters
TV System
• Input Interface:USB Touch Input*2、HDMI Input*4 (1 in front,1 for connecting built-in PC)、VGA Input*1、PC Audio Input*1 、 YPbPr Input*1 、AV Input*2(Include Audio) 、ANT(RF)Input*1、TV USB Input*4(1 in front, 1*USB3.0)、 RJ45*1,SD Card Socket*1,RS232*1,Microphone*1
• Output Interface: Spdif/Optical Output*1、AV Output*1、Sound Output*1
• Sound Output: 2*12W @8Ω
• Color System: PAL/SECAM/NTSC
• Sound System D/K、B/G、I、M
• Audio Preset Mode: Standard,movie, sports, music, user
• Support Input: 480P/I、576P/I、720P、1080P/I
• Power Supply: A.C.:100~240v 60/50 Hz
• Operating Temperature: 0°~40°C;20%~80%
• Standby Power <1W
Android TV System
• Supports function of writing, annotation, erase, change different size of writing, color, etc. Supports “one key switch” about the touch function between TV and computer or other external equipment;
• Supports touch of Menu in any access of TV.
• Supports function of energy conservation in black screen through touching the state.
• Supports shortcut key by one time, and can wake-up again by touch one time.
• Supports browse webpage, and support HTML5 browser.
• Supports plays local and online HD video, online music.
• Supports for 1080P;
• Supports browse pictures in different format.
• Supports browse and management of different office documents.
• Supports update software by USB;
• Supports expansion of USB and SD card storage.
• Supports power off/on by one key;
• Supports input signal ( VGA/H Support online by Wifi, ISDB-T)
Built-in Computer System OPS micro-computer (Pluggable type and easy maintenance), customized configuration is available.
• CPU: Intel Core G1610/Intel Core i3 or customization.
• Internal Storage: 2GB/4GB DDR3 or customization.
• Hard Disk: 320G/500G or customization 500G or customization.
• Power Requirement: AC input:100-240V/50-60HZ, DC output:19V/6.8A DC output:12V/5A.
• Ethernet Network: 10/100/1000Mpbs WIFI/3G 802.11/b/gn
• HDMI: Built-in HDMI cable
• Operating System: WINDOWS 7 32bit
• Touch Way: Supports 6 point touch
• Operating Way: Supports single click, double-click, right-click and drag.
• Support Function: Touch correction function; work without driver; writing, drawing lines, annotation; USB interface
• Touch Durability: 60,000,000 times.
• Touch Ways: Fingers, pens, or other opaque objects.
Touch Feature Index
• Response Time: Single touch: less than7ms, dual touch: less than 12ms.
• Excursion: Without excursion, no change with the environment.
• Writing and Drawing: Writing fluently, without breaking and jag.
• Resistance to Light Interference: Work normally under 30,000 illumination.
• Normal Work Scope: Work normally in effective range of the display screen, without blind zone.
• Touch Precision: 1mm
Touch Parameter
• Calibration Precision:<2mm
• Cursor Speed: 100 Points/Second
• Light Transmittance: 100%
• Minimum Touch: Object >=5mm
• Touch Technology: Infrared technology
• Touch Frame: Front maintenance, detachable design.
• Wireless Interactive Display Technology (Optional): Can enjoy the online music, pictures, video and send it to the all-in-one touch screen by way of wireless, or can control both sides interactively.
• Power Consumption(W):〈2.5W,work under USB 5V voltage, electric current less than 500mA.
• Touch Frame Feature: Free from driver and calibration. Waterproof, dustproof, ultra-thin, light.
• 62.68 x 38.90 x 4.25 Inch (Without bracket)
• 62.68 x 38.90 x 5.08 Inch(With bracket)
• Product Weight: 163Lbs
• Gross Weight:209Lbs